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“The victims of Donald Trump decisions are the people of Iran; innocent people who fall victim to these irresponsible and aggressive decisions. The boycott is forbidden in a civilized world,” Tuomo Melasuo is political science professor at Tampere University said.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, he added that Trump is actually talking about negotiation and a willingness to negotiate, but in fact, with his decisions, he closed all the diplomatic channels.

“I believe that all of the recent decisions by Trump can have serious consequences for the whole world,” he said.

He underlined that Tramp recently called Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group, and this is completely wrong and misleading

“Trump says it seeks to reduce Iran's presence in Syria and the region, but these decisions will not only lead to a decline in Iran's presence in the region, but also make Iran's presence in Syria more sophisticated and sophisticated,” Tuomo Melasuo said.

He said that Trump, with his decisions, presents children's foreign policy.

Tuomo Melasuo is a Professor of Peace and Conflict Research and Research director of TAPRI, Tampere Peace Research Institute, at the University of Tampere. With a PhD in political science, Melasuo is also professor in political history at the University of Turku, and his academic interest lies in particular in the recent history of North Africa and international relations in the Mediterranean.


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