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Ala Talabani, a Kurdish member of Iraqi parliament told that we need the US trainers and advisers in Iraq.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, she said, "Iran's participation in fighting Daesh terrorist group (ISIS) and recapture of Iraqi soil is a matter that we must appreciate it.

She added that on the other hand, Iran is very important to us; we have miles in common.

"We don't let any country to use Iraq land to attack to any countries around us including Iran," Talabani said.

Kurdish politician stressed that sanctions against Iran are unfair and affect only the Iranian people; so Iraq is an opponent of US sanctions against Iran.

She warned that any conflict with Iran will harm Iraq too. Therefore, the all Iraqi politicians and government are determined not to take part in any conflict.

Answering to question about is there any possibility of war or conflict between Iran and the United States, she underlined that Iraq has witnessed bloody wars over the years. That is why the Iraqi government is trying not to engage in any other regional war.

Ala Talabani refers to Hashd al-Shaabi Forces (PMF) and said that In 2012 Hashd al-Shaabi was created via fatwa by the senior-most cleric in Shia Islam for fighting with Daesh group. Now Hashd al-Shaabi is an Iraqi civil organization and operate as a bloc and political party.

Ala Nuri Talabani is a Kurdish women leader and head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc in the Iraqi parliament. She is a three-time member of the Council of Representatives of Iraq.

Interview by Fariba Pajooh



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