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“Everybody is concerned about the growing tensions between Iran and the United States these days,” David Kortright, political science professor at Notre dame University said to ILNA news agency.

He added that everyone is concerned that increased tensions will lead to confrontation and military conflict in the region. It is very catastrophic.

kortright also reminded that but what should not be forgotten is that the United States has been struggling with Iraq for more than a decade, and certainly does not want to make the mistake that Iraq made about Iran too.

Professor at Notre dame University refers to U.S sanctions against Iran and said, “Sanctions cannot succeed in changing the behavior of states and governments. Sanctions against Iran cannot be effective either.

“Sanctions that directly target people's lives and There is some evidence that these sanctions are human rights violations,” he said.

David Kortright added that The people of Iran know only the Trump as the main cause of these days, so they hate of Trump ,more and more.

“I know that Iran is capable of circumventing sanctions. Now, many companies and countries are interacting with Iran, and Iran can easily win an economic war,” he said.


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