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"Now, Iran is at the center of Washington's attention and the foreign policy of the Trump government," Peter Westmacott, Former British Ambassador to the United States said ILNA in an exclusive interview.

He added that there is a lot of controversy in the field of foreign policy in the White House between Trump and its members of government. Bolton has a militant policy and is looking to start another war, but Trump and Mike Pumpo are reluctant to engage in military engagement with Iran.

"One year after Trump's departure of Iran nuclear deal, he imposed the hardest sanctions on Iran. At that time Iran was fully committed. It was therefore natural for Iran to reduce its commitment to respond to these decisions. So this decision is a viable decision,"  Westmacott underlined.

Speaking to ILNA former British ambassador added that the trump is constantly increasing the pressure and threat of Iran.

"Sanctions are spreading day by day and Iran's economy is under heavy pressure. Despite these threats, Trump says he wants to negotiate. What is clear is that Iran is not willing to negotiate with increasing threats," Westmacott added.

He believes that the Trump government's hardliners seek to change the regime in Iran. Even if necessary, they will use military confrontation to achieve such a goal.

Peter Westmacott said: "Europe will never seek to change the regime in Iran, and they think the best solution for the current situation is to maintain a nuclear accord, and believes maintaining this agreement is the best way to solve current crises and maintain world security."

The politician emphasized diplomacy to solve problems and confirmed "The best solution is not war, but diplomacy." The two sides must open the door to diplomacy and try to resolve the conflicts by negotiating and diplomacy.

Westmacott joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1972, and his first overseas posting was as Second Secretary at Tehran, Iran, in 1974. In 1978, he was sent to the European Commission in Brussels, and from 1980 to 1984 he was in Paris. After a period in London he was in Ankara as Head of Chancery from 1987.


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