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"I think U.S sanctions, which have no basis in international law, constitute a violation of human rights," John Tirman is political science professor at MIT University said ILNA in an exclusive interview.

 Answering to this question that United States is trying for boycotting emerging powers such as China, India, Turkey, he added that the US has differing relations with the countries you name but U.S sanctions on Iran will affect all of them, and is another point of friction with the Trump administration that will harm trade relations particularly.

"A US war with Iran would catastrophic for all parties involved," he warned.

Political science professor refers to Donald Trump suggestion for talking again with Iran government and stressed that it would be difficult to negotiate with Trump; He is not interested in an agreement.

"So Trump simply wants to overthrow the Iran and end Obama's achievement in the nuclear deal," Tirman said.

He added that this policy mainly to bring down the Iran, but the means to do so hurt the Iranian people first and foremost.

Answering to question about why European countries never stand against Trump administration policy, he said: "Europe is weak, has always been weak, and is led by cowards."


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