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Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed al-Sahhaf told that US Secretary of State's visit to Iraq had been coordinate with the Iraqi Foreign Ministry.


Speaking to ILNA news agency, He added that Mike Pompeo's meeting included the most important issues and bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States, and the development strategies and investment dimensions of the two countries were discussed.

"In the meeting, Pompeo said that Washington still support the Iraqi government in the process of stability and reconstruction and will help Baghdad to completely destroy Daesh terrorist group," Ahmed al-Sahhaf said.

Secretary Pompeo’s visit to Baghdad was made within the context of escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran, just three days after National Security Adviser John Bolton turned a routine deployment of a U.S. carrier to the Persian Gulf into a military escalation.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman added that Iraq does not present in any political coalition and respects the territorial integrity of its neighboring countries.



Iraqi Foreign Ministry US Secretary of State's visit to Iraq
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