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Ahmad Dastmalchian, the former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon, said that for the first time because of Donald Trump policy, Europeans not only do not support United States' unilateralism and extremism policy, but also they condemn it.

Speaking to ILNA, ex-diplomat said that we have frequently seen that three European countries and the European Union have issued a declaration and expressed dissatisfaction with Trump's actions.

"Trump's recent actions to exert pressure on Iran and extended sanctions, has been a response from the United States to major political failures in the Middle East region," Dastmalchian added.

He said that US president and Israel prime minster claimed that Iran leads the resistance groups but those groups in Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen are fighting independently.

The former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon added that now, the "B-Teams" is trying to push Trump into a dangerous game of war with Iran.

The so-called 'B-Team' Iran foreign minister named consisted of US National Security Advisor John Bolton, United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"The B-Team is pushing US policy toward a disaster," Javad Zarif said, decrying what he called Trump's "obsession" with "bullying" Iran.


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