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Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi stated no one can ever doubt Iran's sovereignty right over trio islands of Abu Musa, Greater and Lesser Tunbs in the Persian Gulf.

Outlining the events during the last day of the ministerial meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Abu Dhabi, Qasemi stressed that Iran will never give up its historical rights to the trio Islands.

As is customary with the final day proceedings of the meetings when documents are usually reviewed and ratified, he said, the UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan presented a text as his country's statement which was passed without receiving others' comments.

Zayed Al Nahyan's act was criticized by Iranian and Pak delegations, he added.

Despite the complaints filed by Iran and other delegations, the UAE Foreign Minister tended to impose his ambitious attitudes on the meeting by misusing its own particular position as the host of the conference and passed the statement, Qasemi noted.

In the wake of the measure taken by the UAE especially that part which was concerned with baseless allegations over Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunbs, Iranian delegation filed its protest promptly and left the meeting.

The foreign ministry spokesman went on to say that it also created chaos is the meeting, made other delegations leave the meeting and resulted in UAE failure to gain its illegitimate demands.

Tehran believes that the OIC final statement presented by the UAE is invalid and as mentioned the UAE minister in an unwise, unprofessional and primitive act aimed at imposing its false statement on the meeting, Qasemi reiterated.

Earlier, Qasemi rejected another accusation that Iran is meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.

He advised the Emirati foreign minister to pay heed to the dire situation in Yemen and the humanitarian catastrophe that is created in the country by the military intervention of UAE and some other countries.

The 46th session of the OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers was held in Abu Dhabi on Friday.


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