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Iranian Foreign Minister referred to failure of US anti-Iran plans, saying Warsaw circus and Munich Security Conference were the scenes of US isolation.

Speaking to the Lebanese media 'Al-Manar', Mohammad Javad Zarif said all countries want to distance from US stance against Iran and avoid breaching international regulations.

Referring to recent Iran-Russia-Turkey trilateral meeting on Syria in Sochi, Russia, Zarif said good negotiations were held and Idlib is a basic issue.

Regarding his recent trip to Lebanon, he underlined Tehran commitment to help Beirut in all fields.

In his Saturday meeting with Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab, Zarif stressed Iran readiness to make operational economic cooperation with Beirut.

The 55th Munich Security Conference attended by 600 international decision-makers in various fields, including politics, trade and civil society, is underway in Munich, Germany, on February 15-17 to deal with current crises and future challenges.

Munich Security Conference has been held annually in the German city of Munich since 1963 with the aim of providing political, economic, scientific and military officials from around the world with an opportunity to explore ways of maintaining peace and establishing security.

The Sochi meeting was the fourth for the three presidents to launch joint campaign against regional terrorism and restore calm and return of Syrian refugees to their homeland as well as establishment of political stability in the war-torn nation.


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