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John Dunne (born 1940) is a professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Cambridgea, as well as professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Chiba University in Japan. Among his works are books on Modern Revolutions, Western Theory in the Face of the Future, Interpretation Political Responsibility, Modern Economic Constraints for Modern Politics, Political Obligations in the context of history, History of Political Theory and several other articles.

John Dunn, a professor of international relations and law and political science at the University of Cambridge, in an interview with ILNA, said that the US sanctions against Iran were fundamentally false and called the sanctions a coward approach, describing Trump's behavior as unusual. He criticized the sanctions and condemned Trump's policy as incorrect. He stressed that these sanctions would bring severe economic damage and would cripple the Iranian economy.

He acknowledged that the United States is only pursuing its own interests by applying these sanctions.

Dunn expressed his regret redarding this approach and stressed that these sanctions have cited the lives of ordinary people, saying that this is not the right of anyone to live in a harsh environment. This is the right of all people of the world to live in peace and It's completely wrong that sanctions affect people's lives.

It does not matter whether you are Iranian or your American, as a human you  have the right to live in peace, this right should not be taken from anyone, he added.

He also said about the future of US-Iran relations, that everything is possible and war is possible too, but Trump is not that crazy to do that, but do not forget that he is always unpredictable.

He was asked about the financial mechanism of Iran and Europe and the prospect of relations between Iran and Europe, which he replied, "I am very optimistic about the relations between Iran and Europe, and I'm hopefull about this mechanism, he added.

 Americans seek to land the Iranian economy, but Europeans stand firmly besides Iran and in front of the United States. They are looking for banks and institutions to continue their relationship with Iran. To maintain business relations with Iran, EU is stubbornly struggling with US and defending Iran.

Responding to a question that, whether the cause of US presence and US involvement in Middle East is energy issues said: I do not think so, because the United States owns the oil and energy industry and is largely self-sufficient. I believe that the cause of America's presence in the Middle East is its long-standing relationship with Israel and its growing relations with other countries in the region. He also said about the America's presence in the Middle East that this is not new, and the difference between Iran and the United States is not a new issue.

He hoped that in future,the impact of sanctions on Iran's economy and citizen's lives would be reduced and Europe could help Iran on this path.

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