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Tehran will not allow US warships to approach Iran territorial waters, said deputy commander of the Iranian Army for coordination on Monday.

'Out of territorial waters, any country can navigate according to the international rules; we do the same,' said Rear Admiral Habibullah Sayyari.

Sayyari said, 'But we will not allow the US warships to get near to Iran's territorial waters.'

'They can take no measures against Iran; we are equipped and ready enough to counter such actions.'

Saying that reverse engineering for making advanced weapons is not acceptable, he added, 'We should make weapons no country has.'

He also said, 'If we use reverse engineering techniques, the country that made the weapon would always be 10 years ahead of Iran.'

General Sayyari added that some of our neighboring countries have 'borrowed security'; they have sought help from countries that are promoting Iranophobia.

These neighboring countries will finally be ripped off by those countries, said the General.


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