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The final stage of the 12th 'Great Prophet' military exercises started on Saturday in the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Island of Qeshm.

The drill was attended by various military units of the IRGC Ground Force, including combat troops, engineering units, and electronic warfare units, Iran Press reported.

Medium-range missiles were tested in the war games, and the Zolfaghar naval brigade from the IRGC Navy also attended the drill.

The IRGC troops exercised various tactics to launch a ground and aerial assault on hypothetical enemy positions, and offshore targets during the military exercise.

The ground troops stormed the island with cover provided by armored vehicles and combat helicopters.

In another operation, the IRGC Ground Force artillery opened heavy fire to cover the attacking units by launching various shells using smart guns with pinpoint accuracy.

The IRGC also set a new record in rapid deployment of its special forces and commandos to the operation zone.

Also in the military exercises, the air defense units successfully shot down an enemy drone with artillery fire.

Meanwhile, the IRGC Ground Force combat engineers tested their explosives and bombs, inflicting heavy losses on (hypothetical) enemy’s positions.

In an aerial exercise, the IRGC Ground Force Airborne Unit’s Mil Mi-17 helicopters unloaded paratroopers and military equipment over the operation zone.

During the drill, the IRGC Ground Force divers together with special commando units and special forces displayed their ability to capture enemy coastline.

Officials say anti-helicopter mines were used in the exercise for the first time.

Such remote controlled mines can jump off the ground to a height of 150 to 180 meters before exploding, posing a real danger to helicopters, with shrapnel scattered over a large area, and over a distance of up to 50 meters.


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