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Albania has no embassy or diplomatic office of any kind in Iran but Iran has had its protest delivered to Tirana, Albanian capital, on the unacceptable measures taken by the country, said the spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday.

'We had our protest delivered to Albania on Thursday, but the country has no embassy or diplomatic office in Iran, so we could not summon their ambassador or representative in order to protest to or expel him or her,' said Bahram Qasemi.

Qasemi added, 'However, we showed our severe protest through other channels.'

He said that Iran opened its embassy in Tirana some 30 years ago, but due to severe economic problems Albania couldn’t open an embassy in Tehran.

Qasemi added that on Thursday, under the pressure from the US government and the Zionists' intelligence service and with cooperating with some anti-Iranian terror groups, Tirana expelled two Iranian diplomats.

Calling Tirana's behavior 'unacceptable' and 'condemned', he said, 'This action is the continuation of the previous scenarios to sabotage Europe and Iran's relations in the present critical era.'


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