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Iran's envoy to the UN Es'hagh Al-e Habib urged the world body to throw its weight behind the ongoing political process on Syria and help rebuild the war-wracked country.

Addressing the Security Council session on Thursday, Es'hagh Al Habib further called for the withdrawal of the foreign forces operating on Syrian soil without the Damascus government's permit, Iran press reported.

The senior Iranian diplomat further emphasized the need for the continuation of peace efforts in parallel with counter-terrorism battles based on international law.

It is the Syrian people who can decide their country's fate, and the international community can only help facilitate that process, Iran's envoy to the UN Es'hagh Al-e Habib added.

The United Nations Security Council has held a meeting on Syria with a focus on a UN-backed constitutional body for the crisis-hit country, days after the three mediators of a peace process in Syria reached a set of agreements in Geneva, Austria, on the issue.

US senators from both sides of the isle are reacting angrily to US President Donald Trump's decision to begin pulling troops out of Syria, describing the move as a seriously "huge Obama-like mistake."

On Dec 19, 2018, following reports by The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post that the US president was preparing an immediate withdrawal of US troops from Syria, Trump took to Twitter and declared victory against Daesh (ISIS) in Syria in a tweet.

The White House confirmed in a statement Wednesday that the administration has “started returning United States troops home” but emphasized that coalition efforts in Syria would continue.

It also doubled down on Trump's claim that “the United States has defeated the ISIS.


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