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Deputy commander of the Iranian Army for coordination Rear Admiral Habibullah Sayyari said various units of the Army are ready to undertake the mission and defend the country and attend where it is needed.

Regarding the Army's mission to protect eastern borders of Iran, Sayyari said on Wednesday that Army’s mission is to preserve the territorial integrity of the country and will deploy to protect the borders wherever it is necessary.”

He pointed out that the army's forces on sea and land borders were ready and the Air Force’s jets are in 24-hour readiness to protect the air, and air defense station is observing the country's airspace with vigilance.

The deputy commander of Iranian Army for coordination noted that the Army's high-quality combat power is for deterrence and as long as this authority exists, there is no enemy who thinks about aggression on Iran.

He stressed that for peace, security and independence we must be ready for war everyday, adding, 'The development of the country is achieved in the shadow of security and this security is only realized with the authority of the armed forces.'


Iranian Army
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