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Iranian President described relations and cooperation between Iran and Russia friendly and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to take advantage of all potentials for development of relations with Russia”.

Speaking with the speaker of parliament of Russia, Dr. Hassan Rouhani said, “No third-party country is able to undermine the bilateral, regional and international relations between Iran and Russia”.

He continued, “Fortunately in the recent years, we have taken the best advantage of potentials and capabilities to deepen relations between the two countries”.

“Cooperation in energy, joint ventures, agriculture, transportation and construction of Incheh Borun-Garmsar railway are the successful examples of cooperation between Iran and Russia”.

Rouhani also said, “Negotiation and cooperation between Iran and Russia in different sectors such as energy, science and technology, and regional issues such as resolving the Syrian crisis should continue until we reach the desired point”.

At the same meeting, Chairman of the state Duma of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin said, “Fortunately in the recent years, Tehran-Moscow relations have been developing based on friendship between the Presidents of the two countries”.

“There is collective determination in Russia for full implementation of agreements with Iran and we will make efforts in this regard,” he continued.


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