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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday, Tehran has right to exit Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) after that the US violated it.

In an exclusive interview with the Italian news channel Rai News 24, he added, “We have the right to abandon JCPOA, but there is another option, we should see how they (Europeans) will secure our interests."

Asked about the US demands from Europe, he said that whatever Washington asks Europe to do with Iran is wrong by the very basis. "If a bullying power is allowed to do everything they want, there will be no end for their bullying,” he said.

In response to the reporter’s question that US President Donald Trump believes that after the new round of sanctions, Iran will be obliged to return to the negotiating table, Zarif said that Trump administration has based its policies on illusion and wrong analyses, but Iran has survived and succeeded.

That’s the US that has withdrawn from the nuclear deal, not Iran, he said, noting, “We held negotiations for two and a half year and reached a huge deal, the longest and the most serious negotiations in the contemporary history."

Asked what role can Italy play in anti-Iran sanctions, Zarif said that "Italy is Iran’s biggest trade partner in the EU and it can support the private sector."

“If we don’t help them, Daesh will find the opportunity to spread across the Middle East."  Zarif said In response to the question 'why Iran does not leave Syria to alleviate Americans and its allies concerns about its regional influence'.

They helped Saddam and Taliban; Which countries’ fighters are bombing Yemen? Are they Iranian? he asked.

"Americans spent billions of dollars to arm former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and regional states and they are still paying to impose their strategies in the Middle East ", Iranian top diplomat said.

Responding to the question whether President Hassan Rouhani can meet Trump, he said: "why should he do such a thing? Trump is not a reliable partner, as he quite a deal which took two and a half year to complete." 


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