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Iranian Presidents criticizing those who claim to be concerned about cabinet's act, says, no one can impede the government's move ahead.

Speaking in Bandar-Abbas, President "Hassan Rouhani", in his presidential campaign speech addressing the gathering said: "During the time of election, we are not going to wait and standby our projects. Critiques who claim to be concerned, can’t impede our move ahead. Up until this moment, we thought they are just concerned about JCPOA, while it is becoming clear that they are also concerned about opening projects." 

Telling that Hormozgan is a symbol of the country’s resistance and stand against enemies, he said: "This is the port of resilience against imperialism and occupation. Here is the guard of our country’s gate. You are ardent and brave men." 

Saying that we are taking steps in the direction of the projects that are significant for their country and referring to critiques who are attacking government in this regard, Rouhani said: "some are claiming why these projects are being opened in the election time. They think of the project as a lamp that we simply push it's button. These projects took years to be completed. Building Persian golf petrochemical refinery kicked off in year 1386 but until year 1392 it only progressed 40%. Today the project is operationalized." 

Rouhani added we voted on year 1392 to make the country independent in fuel and gasoline and use clean fuel instead of polluted fuel.

"Currently we are not an imprter any more in fuel but we can export the product" he added.

He continued: "At the time, our real concern was how to provide the needed wheat. At this moment we are an exporter in wheat." 

The presidential candidate emphasized: "We were looking for ways to put the people on the freedom path. Essentially the Hope and Prudence Government is looking for shrinking the distances and wants to close the discriminatory gap between religious and ethnic communities." 

Iranian President also noted that we are not going to go back and mentioned: "we want to pave the path of freedom. The country’s problems should be resolved and although we are just in the middle of the road, we can see the end from here."  




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