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Reformist Political activists says Vice President's presence in the election let reformists speak up from the race tribunes.

"Seyed Mahmoud Mirlouhi", Member of Reformist Supreme Policymaking Council, in his interview with ILNA, telling that the council has positive standpoints on President Hassan Rouhani’s performance, told that Vice President’s presence in the race is an opportunity to let the reformist movement speak up from election tribunes.

According to reformist political activist, reformist’s cooperation path with the president constantly continued up until now.

Mirlouhi emphasized that reformists are going to support Rouhani in the election and mentioned that the two reformist candidates are forming an acceptable front in the election and despite attacks from the opponents the decision was positive.

"Conservatives don’t have any appealing program or campaign promises. Those who have gathered in the race are just common in saying no to Rouhani. They seem to be void of having views on the country’s current situation" he emphasized.  





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