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Khuzestan governor says, trade relations with Iraq is improving.

"Gholamreza Shariati", Khuzestan governor in Iran’s 11th cabinet in his interview with ILNA, describing the situation of particle and dust pollution in the province, said: "65% of particles in the Khuzestan are originated from outside the country and 35% is from domestic sources. But as dusts that are originated in the country are less distanced from cities and villages, they have higher density. Those who come from far and remote areas are less dense when reaching cities or farmlands." 

Regarding negotiations with Iraq on the matter, he told: "The government, Department of Environment, Foreign Ministry and Vice President stated numerous times that  they didn’t meet Iraqis and particle issue wasn’t on their agenda."

According to Khuzestan’s top official, trade relations with Iraq is improving and in year 1395, the amount of export to the country from the province hit 1,700 billion dollars.

"Chazabe and Shalamche borders are active and the export is increasing. The fact contributed to employment in the region. It’s important to note that 85% of the export is produced inside the province" he added.   

Pointing to late government’s policies in extracting oil in Houralazim Pond, he said that the region was put to dried out.

"This was despite plans in reformist government to let Japanese do the extraction without drying the pond" he underlined. 


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