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Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman says, Iran expects balanced execution of JCPOA in a constructive atmosphere.

"Bahram Qassemi", Foreign Ministry Spokesman, in response to recent G7 summit, told: "Islamic Republic of Iran deems commitments of every side in  JCPOA deal necessary and expects enactment of their obligations and executing the content of the document as a multilateral deal. Iran expects balanced and total implementation of all the mentioned promises, from all the members in a constructive atmosphere."

Top Iranian diplomat added: "According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), so far, Islamic Republic implemented its nuclear commitments accurately and completely and it assumes natural and legitimate to mutually expect others to remain committed to lifting the sanctions, placed before reaching JCPOA."

Qassemi mentioned: "Islamic Republic is also restating that its missile programs are not related to JCPOA and the nature and the way the missiles are being designed and built are not violating Security Council’s resolutions. Undeniably, the Islamic Republic of Iran, regardless of probable misinterpretations of its western sides about the nature of its missile program, will pursue its attempts in empowering and strengthening its defensive capabilities for safeguarding its national security and step up regional peace and security."




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