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President Rouhani in the arrival ceremony of the bodies of the Mina incident victims:

ILNA:President in a ceremony held to honour Mina victims' arrival in the country, stressed on the rapid identification of the sacred bodies of the deceased in Mina tragedy, said: "Government would diligently pursue the case of Mina tragedy and will not forget the blood of the nations' beloveds".

The full text of President Rouhani's remarks is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I once again express my condolences to the families of deceased in Mina Tragedy, and my appreciation to all officials of Islamic Republic of Iran who have participated in a ceremony held to honour Mina victims' arrival in the country.

The first step which was due to be taken by the government of Islamic Republic of Iran was the return of the sacred body of those victims to Iran, and it came successfully to fruition and the official funeral and commemoration ceremony will be held simultaneously on Sunday in Tehran and all provinces.

The second step to be take is to identify other sacred bodies and will definitely be taken soon, and other measures will be done afterwards to find if anybody is guilty for the incident or not and Iranian nation and government will not give up efforts for punishing those responsible for the tragedy.  

We have so far used a language of affection, brotherhood and politeness, and the language of diplomacy, as well, but Islamic Republic of Iran from now on will use a language of its full authority if we feel it is necessary.

The catastrophe was a big trial for all, including Iranian state and nation, the family of those who migrated to Allah, and a big test for Saudi Government, international organizations and Islamic countries, as well.

A fact-finding committee must be established for Mina tragedy to fully find out the reasons behind the incident in order to let Islamic nations and states know the very reasons of the catastrophe and assure them the same incidents will not happen next years.

Our great nation passed the big test successfully and proudly with patience and equanimity, compassion, integrity and solidarity, as the government was proud of in test as well.

I thank all authorities including the minister of health for all his efforts for the safe return of the victim's bodies home, the president of Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, Supreme leader's Special representative in Hajj affairs, esp. Minister of Foreign Affairs who has diligently followed the case at United Nations.

I also thank the Interior Minister for all he has done for the coordination in this regard, and the Chief Justice and Majlis Speaker, as well.

We all express our deep gratitude to Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran for his wisdom and authoritative expressions in this regard, and hope for the continuation of such unity and solidarity among nation and all walks of officials.

Government will continue to pursue the incident and will let people to be informed about result of the measures in order to find facts about the big tragedy.

I express condolences to Iranian people and all Islamic nations who have lost their beloveds, I ask all-Mighty Allah a rapid recovery for those injured in the accident, and great patience and reward from Allah for the bereaved families of the victims who are now at His presence and will enjoy His mercies at the day of resurrection.

May we all be able to honor this beloved and to success to follow-up fate of those blood, shed in this tragedies.

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