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ILNA:A member of the Social Committee of Iran’s parliament said the job security of workers in the automotive sector is at risk and the House must address the issue further.

In an interview with ILNA, Alireza Mahjoub pointed out the workers gathering in front of the Iran’s Parliament  and  said that “we were obliged to express our protest but what happens next is up to the  representatives.”

“The plan will soon be presented to the Board of Directors and hopefully will be approved by the representatives. we will not allow Iranian workers' rights to be trampled.” said Alireza Mahjoub, referring to a proposal which prepared by some lawmakers to support national production.

Representative of Tehran, Ray, Shemiranat and Eslamshahr in the Ninth Parliament noted that “Employment of some workers in the automotive sector is threatened, and I hope Parliament pay more attention to this issue.”

“The desire for more profit led capitalists to import shoddy Chinese products at far cheaper prices in to domestic markets, and as a result, the quality of domestic cars will be reduced and the shadow of recession will be on their head.” General Secretary of the Workers House said while pointing out the increasing desire for importing goods and especially cars.

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