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"Washington will not engage in any unilateral steps to bring Iran back to the negotiating table 23 Nov 2021," US State Department Spokesman said.

Ned Price's statements came in response to questions about reports indicating that the administration of President Joe Biden is seeking to lift some sanctions on the country; Tehran to encourage the Iranians to negotiate in good faith.

The IAEA Board of Governors is scheduled to meet later this week ahead of the Vienna talks.

Price claimed that what we are trying to test out in Vienna is not an approach that we will take indefinitely… because eventually Iran’s continued nuclear advances will render the advantage, the utility of returning to the . We’re not at that point yet.

"We continue to believe that diplomacy provides the most sustainable, the most durable, and really the only permanent and verifiable means of seeing to it that Iran can never again obtain a nuclear weapon. And so that’s why we are returning to Vienna to see to it if we can achieve that mutual return to compliance.”


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