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The Permanent Representative of Russia to International Organizations in Vienna said that there’s still a chance to restore the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action known as JCPOA to resolve Iran's nuclear case.

"My cautious assessment below made one week before the resumption of the ViennaTalks on JCPOA must be supplemented with one phrase: the negotiators are obliged to succeed taking into account that the stakes are very high," Mikhail Ulyanov tweeted.

"There's still a chance to restore the JCPOA. It's hard to foresee how long the Vienna talks will last. We will have to wait until Iran returns to Vienna and listen to its position first," Ulyanov also added in an interview with analytical agency Vestnik Kavkaza.

After 13 years of intensive international negotiations, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was concluded on July 14, 2015. One week later, UN Security Council ratified Resolution No. 2231 and attached it to Annex A of the resolution.

Yet, after Donald Trump took office as the US President in January 2017 and took a few preliminary steps to fulfill the deal, he unilaterally withdrew from the agreement on May 8, 2018, and introduced the harshest sanctions in history against Iran in line with his "Maximum pressure" campaign against the Islamic Republic.


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