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Head of Iran-Armenia Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hervik Yarijanian accused Azerbaijan government of creating hurdles in way of Iran and Armenia trade ties, as the country has imposed special conditions for heavy trucks carrying Iranian goods.

Speaking in a webinar, Yarijanian said some countries in the region are trying to strengthen their economic relations with the EAEU members in favor of them by keeping Iran away of the EAEU.

He added that some countries in the region are trying to impose their economies on other states and they consider the establishment of regional economic relations against their own economies and take any action for weakening it.

Yarijanian went on to say that as Iran is getting closer for the full membership of the EAEU, some countries which have economic exchanges with Iran are worried about the decline in the trade volume and exchanges.

He added that one of those countries, which seek stonewalling Iran-Armenia economic ties in order to sideline it, is Azerbaijan.

He noted that having land border is a great advantage for cooperation between Iran and Armenia, and explained that Armenia has a colorful role in inviting Iran for its full membership in the EAEU and definitely with permanent membership, the economic ties between Tehran and Yerevan will deepen.

Yarjanian went on to say that unfortunately during recent dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan some part of their joint border areas with Iran was occupied by Azerbaijan. He stated that since last week, Azerbaijan has imposed more restrictions to somewhat harm the trade relation between Iran and Armenia, adding that in the past, commercial vehicles could ply between the two countries without any problem to ship the goods but since last Sunday, Baku government has set special condition for heavy vehicles carrying Iranian goods.

According to this change in policy, any vehicle carrying Iranian good should pay $130 tax in order to pass the area which is now under the control of Baku after the 44-day war, Yarjanian added.

He then reiterated that this action is nothing but a move to stonewall the trade between Iran and Armenia, adding that in a condition the trade between Iran and Armenia is on the rise and Iranian goods are expanding its market for having greater share of Armenia’s market, it seems Baku government has no positive look at it.

He warned that any delay in exports of Iranian goods to Armenia will help products of other countries to replace them and it means waste of years of efforts of Iranian producers and exporters for entering Armenia market and attracting customers.

Yarjanian said in such a condition he begs the government of the Islamic Republic to step in this issue and to resolve the problem with diplomatic tools for protecting economic relation between Tehran and Yerevan.


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