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Two Iranian warships of Sahand and Makran have succeeded in sailing 14,000 miles to reach St. Petersburg in Russia, bewildering Western powers of whereabouts would be their destination from day one the ships started the long journey.

Sahand and Makran ships of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy started sailing from Bandar Abbas port in May, passing the Atlantic Ocean and crossed strategic waters and reached the Gulf of Finland to take part in the biggest Russian naval parade.

The journey of two Iranian vessels caused the United States really concerned about the possible docking of the warships in Venezuela.

The Politico, an American news company, reported in late May that the Iranian ships’ last destination maybe Venezuela, while the vessels went around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, and continued north on an unusually long voyage.

Deutsche Welle quoted US media as saying that the American forces started monitoring the two Iranian vessels.

Analysts emphasized that should the Iranian vessels reach the Atlantic Ocean, it would be important progress for Iranian naval forces because the country could not carry out such missions in the past.

According to satellite images, Makran carrying seven-speed boats; then, the American officials are worried about the transferring of the boats to Venezuela.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Iranian Navy is not the sixth fleet of the US Navy, but entering of Iran's warships into the Caribbean region would be considered as a provocation.

The United States warned Venezuela and Cuba on the consequences of the possible arrival of the Iranian warships in their ports.

On June 21, some American officials said that the two vessels, which were thought to be sailing towards Venezuela, changed their route.

In the end, it is obvious that Sahand and Makran vessels, contrary to the US claims, entered St. Petersburg in order to participate in the naval parade.

On Sunday, the Russian Navy started celebrating its 325th anniversary with the parade of 54 ships from India, Iran and Pakistan, and more than 4,000 military personnel.

Iran's Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali told IRNA that Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi takes part in the parade at the invitation of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu. The naval parade kicked off in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Khanzadi noted that the long journey by the Iranian vessels is "unprecedented" and the arrival of two Iranian warships in the Gulf of Finland should be considered as a "historical event."

The cooperation between Russian and Iranian naval forces has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. The Iranian commander stressed that the presence of the Iranian navy in the parade indicates the deepening of ties between the two naval forces.


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