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Daniel Lacalle, a famous Spanish economist told ILNA news agency that Vienna meeting is a positive step but there were too many things that were left off the table, and it will require more negotiations.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Lacalle stressed "That is very difficult at this stage. There have to be more negotiations and firm commitments to lift sanctions."

Answering to question about of Vienna summit lead to the revival of the nuclear deal, he added "Not in itself, but the Biden administration clearly wants to achieve some form of agreement."

"There is a determination to achieve some form of agreement, but negotiations are very preliminary."

Pointing to the sabotage on Natanz nuclear site and said that this event cannot lead to war; adding "I do not see a risk of war or the end of negotiations because of the incident".

In response to the question, do you think the nuclear deal will be revived, Lacalle confirmed "Not the way it was originally set, but there may be some form of the nuclear deal."


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