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A Professor of American Studies at Rutgers University told ILNA that this is a priority for the United States to return to talks with Iran and to seek peace with Iran.

Michael Aaron Rockland said in an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency that he thinks if there is clear evidence that Iran has really given up its nuclear ambitions, the United States will be eager to remove sanctions But there is also a desire here that Iran stops being so belligerent towards.

The U.S professor confirmed "I understand Iran's anger at the U.S. withdrawal. Unfortunately, we had a belligerent president in Trump, and, thank God, he is no longer president."

Asked if the Biden government wanted to improve relations with Tehran, Rockland said "He definitely wishes to improve relations with Iran."

Emphasizing diplomacy, the international analyst said "War is for fools," adding that he believes that, in time, the U.S. and Iran can be friends as they were until 1979; when Iran, which until then was a close ally of both the United States and Israel, in effect.

Referring to Israel's recent agreement with some Arab countries, he added "Some Sunni nations have already signed peace treaties with Israel and exchanged ambassadors. Why does Iran not do the same? As long as Iran continues to be anti-Jewish and anti-Israel, the United States will find it difficult to make common cause with Iran."

"When Iran gives up such ideas the world will welcome her into the community of nations".

He also referred to Tehran's recent agreement with Beijing and stressed that Iran will soon discover that China cares about no one but China.


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