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President Hassan Rouhani has said during a telephone conversation with his Swiss counterpart on Tuesday, President Guy Parmelin that cooperation between the two countries can be promoted through upgrading joint bilateral economic committees.

President Hassan Rouhani had a phone call with his Swiss counterpart discussing issues of mutual interest, including the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), said Deputy for the Iranian President's Office for Communications and Information Affairs on Tuesday.

Alireza Moezzi wrote in a Twitter message that some other issues being discussed in the 30-minute phone call between President Rouhani and Guy Parmelin were bilateral ties, Swiss financial channel, and regional security and stability.

Meanwhile, Rouhani called for activating the Swiss financial channel to help further the joint contracts that were halted due to the policies of the previous US administration. The remark might be an indication of efforts to lift some of the barriers blocking Iran's international trade.

It is not clear if the two sides reached any practical agreements during the telephone conversation or who initiated the contact. It is also not clear if the move has the blessing of the Biden administration.


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