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Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei says as Iran has stated earlier, there will be no new negotiations over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Attending his weekly press conference, Ali Rabiee in response to the Iran Press question called Macron’s remarks on adding Saudi Arabia to nuclear talks with Iran as baseless, emphasizing that no new negotiations would be held over JCPOA and no new member could be added to the agreement.

There were previous negotiations and agreements, the procedure is crystal clear, and such requests only make the situation more complex, Rabiei added.

Adding such variables only threatens peace and security in the region and has no further effect, he highlighted.

Government spokesman went on to say that there was only one scenario on JCPOA, and that was the US and all parties namely France to fulfill their obligations according to the agreement.

Iran welcomes neighboring countries to solve issues, and believes that only countries in the region deserve to provide security in their region with no foreign interference, he concluded.

Women's political participation increased after Islamic Revolution

The government spokesman referred to the political position of the Iranian women after the Islamic Revolution and noted that the rate of women's political participation has always been increasing and in the recent elections, their participation was more than men.

He said: "After the Islamic Revolution, the rate of women's political participation has always been increasing and in the recent elections, their participation was more than men, which means women participated 52%. The presence of women in management areas is increasing too so that in the year 2013 in the Iranian calendar, this presence was a maximum of 5 percent and now it reached 24 percent.”

Referring to the capabilities of women in the country and the increase of their managerial and scientific positions, the government spokesperson Ali Rabiei said that 10 new bills for the protection of women and girls were also provided in this government.

Referring to the Foreign Minister's visit to several countries in the region last week, the government spokesman said: "Mohammad Javad Zarif traveled to Baku, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Moscow, and Istanbul last week."

He added: "In this trip, all the leaders of the countries in the region emphasized the presence of Iran and effective role of this country in the region. It is a good experience that our neighbors in the South Caucasus are getting ready to enter the era of win-win.”

Rabiei said: "Our message, which was heard many times during these years, especially from the president and the foreign minister of our country, is that the era of fearing neighbors has come to an end in an age of security entanglement."


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