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"Joe Biden will be a very different president than Donald Trump; and the transition means changes in American foreign policy," A professor of political science at Northeastern University told ILNA.

Max Abrahms said in an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency that Biden will repair relations with Europe, but with other countries, the US will not be as close, such as with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

"I believe the Biden team wants to return to the nuclear deal but will demand of Iran additional concessions.I believe Biden wants to lift sanctions, but perhaps only if Iran makes other concessions," he added.

The US professor confirmed that by far, the most important event of the past year has been COVID. Biden is expected to be stronger in this area, particularly in distributing the vaccine and de-politicizing mask-wearing.

He said "Many analysts used to say that Biden will focus on the problems inside the USA and curb his foreign policy agenda. But I do not think so. I think this administration will be more active on the world stage. For example, the administration has come out early siding against Putin for imprisoning his rival."

"Unlike Trump, this administration emphasizes the superiority of democracies and will try to promote its freedom agenda," Abrahms added.

The foreign policy expert believes that the National Security Council is full of veterans from the Obama presidency who favored toppling Gaddafi, arming the Saudis in the Yemen war, and backing the "rebels" in Syria.

"I do not think this active view of U.S. foreign policy will go away just because of the pandemic," he added at the end.


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