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Iran is one of the best regions for growing agricultural products due to its vast land and different climates.

Iran is one of the best regions for growing agricultural products due to its vast land and different climates. The southern provinces of Iran such as Khuzestan, Bushehr, Kerman, and Sistan and Baluchestan are perfect for growing tropical fruits as they have a warm climate.

A lot of our hard-working farmers in the south cultivate dates in more than 240 thousand hectares of palm groves. A large amount of the produced fruit is consumed inside of Iran and the rest of the top-quality produce is exported to other countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates.

Among the most important types of dates exported from Iran, is Mazafati dates (or Bam Mazafati), Rabbi dates, Kimia dates (or Kimiya) , Zahedi dates (or Zahidi), Piarom dates(or Maryami), Shahani dates. you can see iranian dates from this link (

Iran is one of the top 5 countries in date production and export. But because of the recent droughts, the incorrect strategies of managers, and the international sanctions, Iran might lose its place. Solving these issues requires the attention and effort of managers who’re responsible in this field.

Finding Customers and Mass Buyers in the Target Market

One of the biggest problems in the date industry is finding customers in  foreign markets. Participating in foreign exhibitions can help this issue to some extent but using other methods of advertisement and branding in this field are still necessary. Considering the current situation with the coronavirus, a lot of countries hold their events online. This is a great opportunity for our exporters and producers as they can introduce their products in a digital environment with lower costs. In the following, we’ll be looking at a few digital advertisement and marketing methods that can help exporters grow:

• Using popular international social media that other merchants and commercial businesses use.

• Participating in online exhibitions.

• Designing and creating a website and optimizing it for search engines for the language of the target country.

• Using advertisement services provided by search engines and social media.

• Using B2B wholesale websites such as,, and will greatly help producers and buyers. On these websites, the producer can receive orders from customers by creating an online shop and submitting their products. Customers can also contact the producer and gather more information about the product and its condition.

Getting Permits and Standard Certificates

Each country has its own rules for exporting its products. Having a commercial business card and meeting the standard criteria are some examples for Iran. Some of these rules are for specific products. These types of products receive a temporary, conditional, or prohibited permits. For example, currently exporting medical masks doesn’t require a permit while exporting livestock is prohibited, and exporting products such as vegetable oil requires a permit.

Obviously, the countries that are importers also have their own rules and they’ll ask for the required permits and standard certificates.

Product Pricing

Fair pricing and how it’s done is key for a successful business. You should consider the cost of maintaining your business before deciding a price for your products or services. These costs may include Transportation (via air, water, or land), insurance, taxes, storage, production, staff, packaging, advertisement and marketing, product and market research, etc. For example, you can buy wholesale dates online from the BasketBulk (or this url:

Issuing a Pro Forma Invoice

A pro forma invoice is a document that’s issued by the seller. It contains information about the seller and buyer, the requested amount of a product, pricing unit and total cost, payment methods, the time and location the product should be received, etc.


When designing packaging for exported products, you should pay attention to factors such as storage, transportation, packaging and opening process, and product safety and health during transportation. The packaging must have a suitable design and it should conform to the different transportation methods and standards of different markets. Cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and to further decrease the cost, plastic nylon bags are used for packaging dates. Two types of containers are used for transportation: Refrigerated containers (for fresh and moist dates) and unrefrigerated containers (for dry dates).


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