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Razva is a boutique musulmane en ligne. A Shiite bookstore, a silver men's ring jewelry store and a silver women's ring jewelry store, a natural perfume store, etc.

Razva is a boutique musulmane en ligne. A Shiite bookstore, a silver men's ring jewelry store and a silver women's ring jewelry store, a natural perfume store, etc.

Pistachio Iran

Our Muslim Online Shop has the honor to present you pistache iran and safran iranien of best quality A ++ with different tastes. Unsalted pistachio, salted pistachio, salted and peppered pistachio and blanched pistachio.

What is the best pistachio?

Iranian pistachio is the best pistachio in the world. The best pistachio in the world occurs in Iran.

There are several kinds of pistachios produced in Iran. The pistachio that we sell in our Muslim online store is of better quality. There is no closed pistachio in it.

You can choose from our plain, salted, salted and peppered pistachios. The pistachios are very strawberry and dry and are the best pistachios in the world.

Where are pistachios produced?

Iranian pistachios in our online muslim shop are sourced directly from Kerman city of Iran. It is a large city in Iran, whose most popular product is pistachio.

In other cities of Iran also different kinds of pistachios are planted and cultivated.

Pistachio Iran in France

Are you in France, or in a country in Europe and looking for pistachio from Iran? No problem. You can order better quality pistachios with better price in our Muslim online store.

Iranian pistachios in our Muslim shop come directly from Iran, from the city of Kerman.

Pistachio Iran in Paris

Thanks to our shop, Iranian pistachio is now available in France in Paris. You order directly from our site and you will receive the Iran pistachio in about 20 days.

Pistachio nut

We also have pruned pistachios and fully pruned green pistachios in our shop.

Benefits of pistachio

We sell Iran pistachio and it is necessary that we talk about its benefits.

The potassium in each pistachio is equivalent to that of an orange.

Iran pistachio and all kinds of pistachios contain: Carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, fats and dietary fibers, Potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, copper and sodium.

This fruit also contains essential vitamins, such as: vitamin C, B6, A, K, thiamine, folate, choline, acid and betaine.

Hair growth

Iranian pistachio and all kinds of pistachios help the body in hair growth and strengthen the hairline.

Thus, pistachio is very good for the treatment of hair loss.

Properties of pistachios for the skin

Pistachio hydrates the skin and erases the effects of aging on your skin. It also naturally illuminates your skin.

Increase eyesight

One of the properties of Iran pistachio is that it strengthens the eyes and increases eyesight.

Consumption of pistachio during pregnancy

Iranian pistachio is rich in protein and is necessary during a woman's pregnancy. Consuming pistachio has a lot of positive effects on your baby's pregnancy.

Treatment of constipation

Pistachio is very good for the treatment of constipation especially for pregnant women.

Iranian saffron

Iranian saffron is the best saffron in the world. Our Muslim Shop has the honor of exhibiting Iranian rudders of a better quality.

Because Razva is located in Iran, we have access to Iranian saffron producers. We take Iranian saffron directly from its source and that's why we offer you the best prices for saffron.

Iranian saffron price

The price of saffron depends on several factors. In Iran, all producers assess the quality of their rudders and classify them according to their quality.

So it is easy to find different kinds of Iranian saffron with different quality.

If you look at our saffron page on our site and on the Safran Iran category, you will see that we have offered better prices.

Buy saffron from Iran

You may be wondering how you can buy saffron from Iran, directly and without a middleman, without it being expensive.

Our online store presents different kinds of saffron with several prices to facilitate the purchase of this spice which is red gold.

You can buy Iran saffron on our site directly and without intermediary. We will send you your order as quickly as possible.

Buy Saffron in Paris

It does not matter, you are in Paris, France or in another country, you can order Iranian saffron on our site and pay directly online.

Delivery of our products to Paris or to any city in France or to another country is possible.

Buy saffron online

We have done everything to make it easier for you to buy original products from Iran. You can therefore buy Iran saffron on our site and pay online without any worries.

Buying saffron online is easier than ever. You choose your product and you pay online.

Where to find the best Saffron?

Iranian saffron is renowned for its quality and its benefits. According to all professionals in this field, Iran saffron is the best saffron in the world.

We sell better quality Iran saffron in our online store.

Shiite online bookstore

Muslim online store Razva exhibits more than 100 Shiite books translated into French. You can order any Shia book from our online Shia bookstore.


Muslim online store Razva has a silver ring jewelry store. We sell silver men rings and silver women rings and other silver jewelry.


Muslim online store Razva offers natural perfumes without alcohol. Natural scent of orange blossom, mint, jasmine, narcissus, rose and tuberose.

Our Muslim online store has all the necessary products for a Muslim. Several products are not yet published on the site. If you can't find what you need, click on the link below and contact us on WhatsApp.

Since 2018 Razva has started selling the best Iranian rings. This Muslim online store was founded under the administration of the association Le Chiisme. All products are made of a higher quality. The prices of the products of Razva online Muslim store have reasonable prices.

Our Muslim online store will prepare all religious products for Muslims and Shiites all over the world. Razva helps you find what you need in religion.

Muslim online store exhibits a lot of Islamic religious books. Quran in French, The Keys to Heaven, The Way of Eloquence, The Psalms of Islam are the most important books of Shia Muslims.

Our Muslim shop also sells important Shiite books which have deep knowledge about Islam and Shiism.

Muslim online store has the honor of presenting natural fragrances to you. These perfumes are extracts from the flowers. They are all alcohol free. These scents are 100% natural and have a lot of benefits on the body. You can look at the category of natural perfumes in our online Muslim store and read all the details.

These scents are based on your body's temperament. Dry and cold, dry and hot, wet and cold, wet and hot.

100% natural handmade products

Our online Muslim store works with Iranian artists who produce natural, handmade and beautiful products. Handmade table rugs can totally change the beauty of your home and office. You can even order a personalized painting. Our artists will begin to weave your carpet.

Most of the rings sold on Razva Muslim online store are also handmade. By reading our article on ring size, you can buy your rings in peace.

Our Muslim online store exposes you this 100% silk handmade carpet painting. With the design of the flag of Hezbollah

Worldwide delivery in Muslim online store

Our online Muslim store Razva delivers its religious products to you wherever you are. Delivery of orders over 100 € is free.

Muslim Online Store prepares packages very carefully. The packages are well protected. The delivery is completely secure.

The delivery time of the destination country and the type of delivery.


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