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Deserts are chosen and loved by all, irrespective of their age groups. No one can deny that the taste of sweetness in the desserts is mouthwatering, and we all enjoy the well-crafted dessert that plays a vital role, especially after the meals.

Some famous desserts that leave us to want to go for more are the instant pudding dessert made on milk, the bread and butter pudding dessert, frozen yogurts and custards, and the Italian desserts that we will focus upon here.

Luckily, you do not need to visit the restaurants every time to get yourself an Italian dessert. You can easily prepare Italian desserts at home if you follow the right recipe.

To your great surprise, so far we thought that Italy is only famous for its pizzas and pasta as well as the traditional foods. Little did we know that the Italian desserts are not less popular indeed.

Desserts are loved by Italians, and they do not think twice before serving desserts after dinner.

Italian Desserts

Desserts are very popular in Italy. The Italian sweets are generally more petite, and only a few bites of it after dinner is enough to put an end to the meal you had. The Italians consume few well-known Italian desserts, and you can even make the Italian desserts at home and enjoy them with friends and family.

Panna Cotta

Panna cotta originated from a particular region of Italy, namely Piemonte.  The meaning of the panna cotta has been translated to be a cooked cream.

The process is simple if you have your hands in the kitchen often. Initially, fresh cream is being thickened along with gelatin, and then it is placed in a mold till it sets fully. The dessert is much like custard, and you can top it with fresh fruits and even chocolate and caramel sauce based on your likings.

Apart from these, you can even top it with ice cream, coffee, and last but not least, vanilla.


This particular Italian dessert is known for its fluffiness and light nature. The fried doughs are considered to be the tastiest dessert treats Italy has. You can toss them in a paper bag and later shake it well with the sugar powder.

It does not matter how the zeppoles are served; one thing for sure is that you will not be fulfilled with only one zeppole and will ask for more. Get the recipe and make it now.


Tartufo is described as a chocolate-covered bombe of ice creams, and they are flavored and have a fruit syrup right in its center. It is still made with chocolate and hazelnut ice cream in most places, and it is also certified as an IGP product which means the Tartufo carries its own unique label.

Zabaglione Italian Dessert

Zabaglione or sabayon is an Italian dessert prepared from egg yolk, sugar, and Marsala wine. Initially, the mixture is mixed and then simmered till it gets lighter than what it is. It should be delicate and, at the same time, consistent.

The zabaglione should be dipped in custard while it is still hot, and then you can dress it nicely with fruits, nuts along with flavored sauces as you desire. You can easily consider having this delicious Italian dessert in many of your events on the table. Start preparing this Italian dessert at home and treat yourself first and then others.

Pisticciotto Dessert

Pisticciotto dessert is best found at the Lecce located in the Apulia. This particular Italian dessert resembles the round pie and the crust that is flaky and has a surprise for the taster inside.

It is filled with creamy custard and then made even sweeter along with a black cherry. Other parts of Italy serve this unique dessert, and its tiny round shape can make a perfect dessert option after the meal.

The Famous Affogato

Affogato is a new dessert in a scoop or two of vanilla or even hazelnut ice cream, as well as a shot of fresh espresso. Mouthwatering. Just imagine the combination. The ice cream meets the hot espresso.

If you feel frisky, you can easily add ¼ of liquor to it, totally up to your choice. It should be noted that the Affogato may not be found in all the menus, but you can order and get it made for you anyways.

It is simple and hardly requires anything. So the next time you desire a combination of hot and cold dessert, go for Affogato and make it at home.

Apple Strudel

While you are thinking about the traditional dessert that is the apple strudel, you may be thinking, what is the apfelstrudel in the menus then? It is considered to be one of the most famous and well-known Italian desserts.

If you are a fan of the American apple pie, you will most likely love the flavor of the apple strudel found in the Trentio-Alto Adige. Do not worry about the place; search the recipe and prepare this yummy Italian dessert at home.


This amazing mouthwatering Italian dessert is mainly made of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and layers of mascarpone cheese. In the Italian language, tiramisu basically means pick me up, and you can even infuse the dessert with some liquor based on your choice and taste.

Tiramisu started in Italy, but you will hardly find it in the Italian restaurant menus before it started getting famous in the United States.

As you know, today, tiramisu is considered to be one of the most well-known Italian desserts served everywhere, especially in the United States.


Another yummy and mouthwatering Italian dessert. It is basically a tube-like dessert that is fried along with a ricotta cheese that has been sweetened and then dipped with chocolate, fruit, pistachios, and candied fruits.

Different parts of Italy enjoy the cannoli differently, some with chocolate and some with chocolate chips. Accordingly, based on the availability of the materials and our preferences, make the cannoli and have it the way you like at home with family members.

So many great Italian desserts while trying. Of course, all can't visit Italy for the sake of desserts, but you can make these Italian desserts at home and enjoy it easily. Lastly, if you make these Italian desserts recipes be sure to find more recipes on yummynotes. Yummynotes is a food blog that features all creative, healthy, delicious and easy recipes from all over the world.


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