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The Asian Mayors Forum, as an international organization specializing in urban management, welcomes urban startups henceforth.

"Considering the development of new urban technologies and the changing citizens’ lifestyles in metropolitan areas, we considered, in addition to voluntary membership from specialized cities and international organizations, a new capacity," said the Deputy Economic and Executive Secretary of the Asian Mayors Forum in an interview with World Economy: “Establish a forum in the secretariat to accept urban startups to create a new trend in the production of urban knowledge, exchange and transfer the experiences as well as the export of technical services.”

Amir FoadMohseni put it that at first, we were well received by some startups active in the field of public transportation and tourism. Nonetheless, we believe that this capacity needs more information, and we plan to invite all urban startups who want to expand their markets in the international community during a public call.

Mohseni further stated: The realm of activity and audience of most of the existing startups or applications that provide public services are cities and citizens, which fortunately our country has the ability and good measures of startup in creating and launching technology-led progression in urban fields.

"The Pandemic has changed the lifestyle of citizens in general and in metropolitan areas in particular," said the deputy secretary general of the Asian Mayors Forum.

“We are the witnessesnowadays of a new style in public servicing that meets the daily needs of citizens. We have planned to help out them with an opportunity in the "Smart Cities Committee" of the Forum, by accepting and using state-of-the-art startups in the urban field, so that they can take a more effective step towards introducing and developing their market in other Asian cities that are members of the Forum. Putting the entrepreneurship matter aside, introducing and exporting of domestic technical capacity and foreign exchange earnings can play an effective role in strengthening economic-diplomatic plans.”



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