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Based on a proposition by Asian Mayors Forum (AMF), and cooperation of the Tehran District 1 Municipality, University of Tehran will design and manage the project the Asia Park.

According to the Deputy Secretary General since last year, AMF has conducted and specialized research on urban environments on an international scale, which has led Tehranto going by that experiences of the global metropolises."

He put it that creating a designed environment with urban furniture varied from that of the ordinary places of Tehran can play an effective role in cultural identity, strengthening urban diplomacy and promoting the international ranking of Tehran.

Amir Foad Mohseni also signifies on the competence of the University of Tehran by the assertion “in this project, the potential of the University of Tehran has been used as a consultant to design and plan based on the capacity of the Iranian Green Space and Landscape Association.”

 “As it is derived from the motto of the region one: "Shemiran the jewel of Tehran.” He said and continued:  “We believe this project will be lucrative and can play a significant role in the international impact of this region in urban dimensions, attracting tourists and introducing Iranian and Eastern culture.”

Deputy Secretary General of the Asian Mayors Forum put it that today, creative and world-renowned cities, hosted by specialized international organizations, try to make the most of the capacities created in the field of urban diplomacy through them. Fortunately, Tehran is the host and founder of an international organization specializing in urban management that has been operating since 2008 with a focus on Asian cities, with the slogan "Asia for Citizens, Integration for a Better Life." One of the effective factors in urban rankings and city branding is hosting and supporting cities from international organizations or regions with the aim of urban competitiveness, concentration and accumulation of global capital.



Mohseni also pointed out: the form follows the function. If we want to create responsive environments in the city with the aim of attracting, introducing and identifying, we must recognize the general behavior of citizens patterned by a survey or an observation in order to promote cultural patterns. A review of global experiences has shown us other cities have responsive environments can lead us to the better decision-makings and change the behavior.

At the end, he concluded his speech by“I hope we can take a good step in this direction by creating an Asian park as a responsive place with urban furnitures influenced by Asian cities.”



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