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“The new sanctions which were imposed by the U.S. administration on Iran and some entities is nothing new and it is just like “playing with names”,” the Chairman of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry told.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Majid-Reza Hariri said that the U.S. has earlier imposed a set of sanctions and in the framework of those sanctions, the country just plays with the names and sanctioning them.

“Recent sanctions are just the same sanctions which had already been imposed and even Chinese media have called it a rehash in order to show these sanctions are redundant.”

The Iranian official added that it had already been announced that some parts of Iran’s petrochemical industry was under sanctions and now those individuals and entities who do not observe the sanctions are slapped with sanctions.

On the impacts of sanctions on the probable talks with the U.S., Hariri said it seems the goal behind these sanctions is mostly to provide a psych atmosphere and it has no certain impact.

He added but the practical impact is that either Joe Biden who seems in driving seat or Donald Trump wins the election, if we are to take our problems with us to the negotiating table with the U.S., they can be used.

Hariri noted that so, at the time of negotiations if the number of the sanction cases is more, it will have a more bulky look on the table and each case will need talks, and as the result, they uselessly make the case heavier just to show it bulky on the table.

He stated that the more the number of cases, the more talks and concessions will be needed.


Donald Trump US sanctions Iran’s petrochemical industry
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