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“Iran will unveil the Yalda gas field up to the next two weeks,” Deputy Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company for Explorations Affairs Seyed Ali Moalemi told ILNA.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, the Iranian official said that in the Persian Gulf, a rig is being drilled in Yalda Square.

Referring to the lack of equipment, he said “we have obtained import licenses for all the required equipment, but we cannot import them,” adding that one company was shut down for six months for failing to import equipment.

“We may be lagging behind in terms of technology, but we are ahead of other countries because of the specialized forces that we have.”

He further pointed to drilling exploration wells in the Yalda gas field, starting development operations in the northern areas of South Pars field [known as North Pars], and the design and installation of gas pressure boosting platforms as the POGC’s next steps in production maintenance.

Iran shares the supergiant South Pars gas field with Qatar in the Persian Gulf. Geographically, one-third of the South Pars field is in Iran's possession, while today Iran’s gas production from this joint field is equal to Qatar. In fact, having just one-third of the field, we are producing an equal amount of gas with Qatar.


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