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“Chinese carpet manufacturers are using the credit of Iranian merchants to capture the art market,” a designer and activist in the field of Iranian handicrafts told ILNA.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Ehsan Mohammadi said that previously, countries such as China, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Turkey, despite copying the design and role of Iranian handmade carpets, have not been successful in the global market because of this valuable art is in Iran's possession.

"Handmade carpets are the heritage of 2,500 years of Iran and the reason for the failure of others is that this art-industry flow in the blood of Iranian carpet weavers and is unattainable.”

Emphasizing that what makes the handicrafts of Iranian artists different from the productions of other countries is its originality, he confirmed “From the producer of dye and yarn to the weaver, designer, and painter, all of them inherited this art-industry,” adding that they have no alternative and the most advanced educational centers in the world are not able to compete with them.

Mohammadi pointed out that Iranian merchants are known in the world markets for the values of handmade carpets, and adding "These days, there is unpleasant news about the betrayal of some of these merchants to the most original and valuable Iranian art, which is unfortunate."

The Iranian economic activist and exporter of handicrafts added "Unfortunately, some Iranian traders have joined their Chinese counterparts and export the handicrafts of this country, all of which have been copied, under the name of Iranian carpets to other countries."

"These merchants have gained credibility in the export markets due to years of supply of Iranian handmade carpets, and today they are abusing this credit to betray the first art-industry and 2,500-year-old heritage of Iran,” he continued.

Mohammadi explained that after a while, this scam will be exposed and that the Chinese merchants and copied handicrafts will be discredited.

"But this behavior will definitely seriously damage the credibility of Iranian handmade carpets and other merchants, and we have to pay a lot of money to restore trust.”

The Iranian economic activist stressed that the Chinese produce duplicate carpets at a much lower price than Iranian handicrafts by using cheap labor and raw materials.

He added "Before it is too late and the credibility of our country's first art-industry is damaged, government officials and private sector activists should take a stand on this behavior and inform the target export markets of this scam."

“Protecting the credibility of handmade carpets is the duty of all Iranians and there is no forgiveness in this regard, Mohammadi noted.


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