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47% of Iran Products Exported to Neighbor StatesIranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Affairs said that 47 percent of Iranian products are exported to neighboring countries.

Gholamreza Ansari made the remarks in a dialogue meeting between public and private sectors, held in Bilesavar Border Terminal, Ardabil province, on Thursday.

He emphasized on using border capacities of the country to promote export and added, “since 47 percent of Iranian products are exported to neighboring countries, it seems that high capacities of border provinces should be used optimally in line with increasing exports.”

Despite tough sanctions imposed against Iran, the country attained positive growth in export terms and the US anti-Iran policy, in bringing the country into its knee, has failed, Ansari highlighted.

Focusing on the export of products to neighboring countries and setting up better equipment and opportunities to facilitate trade with neighbors are of salient programs of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the economic sector, he said, adding, “export capacities with a focus on export of agricultural products should be strengthened and developed in Ardabil province.”

Productions should be made with the aim of export and in this way, export of products in agricultural sector should be supported duly, he emphasized.

Transfer of foreign exchange obtained from export into the country is one of the major problems facing those who are active in economic sector, he said, adding, “bartering goods can be considered as a safe way to settle the problem.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ansari pointed to the markets of Caucasian countries which have good capacity for export of products from this province to these countries due to the lingual commonalities and emphasized, “drastic planning should be made for importing and exporting products, so that both the government and Parliament are staunch supporter of export activities in the country wholeheartedly.”


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