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“Indians have not been left out of Chabahar Port project and they are still keen to invest in the port but Iran has set conditions for continuing the cooperation,” the head of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization Mohammad Rasta told ILNA.

Speaking to ILNA, Rastad said Iran and India are eager to have long-term cooperation but Iran has set its own conditions. He said rumors and allegations on China’s arrival to Chabahar Port and the elimination of Indians from the projects in the port are baseless.

He reacted to claims on the report that Iran and India have terminated cooperation at Shahid Beheshti Port of Chabahar, saying currently the temporary contract with Indian companies is in underway and in the main and final contract, Indians have undertaken to provide equipment for the port and the first batch of port equipment including mobile cranes is to be imported by the yearend.

He added that talks are underway for change in some paragraphs and topics of the main contract and he feels that with the current trend for activating the ten-year main contract for developing Shahid Beheshti  Port, there will be no hurdle in way of its operationalization.

He reiterated that currently the pullout of Indians from the project is not on the agenda and both sides are eager to activate the ten-year contract.

Rastad emphasized that Iran, Afghanistan, and India are full of incentives to keep the port active for the transit of goods and Indian operators in the port is after providing appropriate conditions for Indian and Afghan exporters.

On the timing and arrival of port equipment to Shahid Beheshti Port, Rastad said that the equipment that Indians have undertaken to provide worth $85m, and all Italian mobile cranes will be taken gradually into the port by the yearend.

He admitted that some items of the main contract have been changed by both sides and Iran has set some conditions especially, the provision of port equipment by Indians.


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