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Iran's Foreign Investment Board approved 32 new foreign investment projects worth over $1.6 billion in a session on Tuesday chaired by Deputy Finance Minister and Director General of the Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance Organization of Iran Ali Mohammad Mousavi.

According to the Finance Ministry, in addition to the investment projects, several investment projects related to the capital increase, capital license extension, and foreign exchange transfers of foreign investors were also approved during the meeting.

These projects are not limited to a specific economic sector, as it includes diverse fields of energy, industry, agriculture, transportation, and services, and investors from different countries are on the list of foreign investors. Also, the distribution of projects in the country is highly diverse; So that 12 provinces of the country will host these projects.

In 2020, the Foreign Investment Board approved a total of 60 foreign investment projects worth approximately $4.2 billion, which shows a threefold increase compared to the same period last year.

Iran Investment and Technical Economic Assistance Organization, by identifying opportunities, marketing, holding technical negotiations with foreign investment applicants and finally discussion of the projects in the Foreign Investment Board provides necessary platform for the inflow and use of foreign capital in economic and development projects of the country.


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