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"Turkey has restricted the entry of Iranian trucks to its border," the spokesman of the Islamic Republic Customs Administration (IRICA) told ILNA news agency.

Seyed Ruhollah Latifi said in an interview with ILNA news agency that yesterday, 96 Iranian exported trucks entered Turkey from Bazargan border and 59 transit trucks went to Turkey from this border too.

"We are now witnessing some long lines of trucks at the border crossings waiting for entering Turkey."

The reason is that Turkey accepts only about 150 trucks a day from the Bazargan border, and other border crossings between the two countries are closed.

In early June, land borders between Iran and Turkey reopened after more than three months. On the first day of border reopening, 150 Iranian trucks entered Turkey, according to the spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).

According to recent reports, the coronavirus pandemic has decreased Iran’s exports to Turkey by 90 percent.


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