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The Head of the Union of Textile Carpet Weavers of Iran Mujtaba Araqchi said that if Iranian carpets are sold for $ 500 and Indian, Pakistani and Afghan carpets are sold for $ 250, then foreign buyers will definitely choose non-Iranian carpets

In an interview with ILNA, the Iranian official added “Currently, people’s purchasing power has decreased.”

He confirmed that this has a direct impact on the purchase of hand-made carpets in the domestic market, in addition, 95 percent of the hand-made carpet market is abroad, and due to sanctions, there is almost no market left for Iran.

 “Now the situation with exports is very bad, spending has decreased, so we are witnessing a terrible decline in both domestic and foreign markets.”

“Of course, the spread of the coronavirus, in addition to all these factors, has aggravated and seriously affected foreign markets and exports,” Araqchi said.


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