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Iran, as a country producing qualified dates in the world, allocates a main portion of the international date market to itself.

India is the greatest date-importing country in the world.

The total purchase contribution of India is, by itself, larger than all date-importing countries.

Normally, India is the most important market for the sale of dates.

Many merchants all over the world travel to India annually to establish communications with the sellers and suppliers of this country.

This question may arise in your mind that which dates are most-sold? Which dates are the Indians interested in purchasing?

The Indians Favorite Date

The Indians are very interested in the Kimia dates, and their tastes are adjustable with this date.

This date grows solely in Iran, and its main culturing region is the Bam city of Kerman province, which is one of the southern provinces of Iran.

Numerous merchants purchase this date by its own name, while Mazafati is the main name of this date.

In the following, we apply the Kimia name for the Mazafati date.


Kinds of Kimia

This date is categorized with respect to its weight and packages.

Its most popular kind is the 600 gr Kimia.

This date is rendered in 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, and 750 gr packages, and its best kind for the Indian market is mentioned above.

In Bam city, the quality of the Kimia date also varies in its different areas.

On the other hand, the most desirable kind of this date should be sapless and uniformly black.

In Iran, this date is also cultivated in other areas; however, it does not qualitatively resemble the date of Bam, and the Indian purchasers do not usually welcome them.

These regions include Bushehr, Sistan and Baluchestan, and Hormozgan.

The Purchase of the Kimia Date

The most suitable buy price is one of the concerns of merchants.

Profiteers and those active in this market may sell unqualified dates with high prices to customers. This issue makes the customers not have a good experience from the purchase of the Kimia date.

Credible companies with formal brands and experiences in date selling often possess allocated refrigerating rooms, and customers can visit them before purchasing.

You’d better purchase from the companies that have all the necessary licenses and standards for date exportation and can, on the other hand, implement international standards as well.



Packaging according to the material of the Kimia date   

One of the most significant points for the sale of the Kimia date is its packaging type.

In India, the packages of this date are usually recognized by the white color.

If this date is not offered in this kind of packaging, its sale may face difficulty since this packaging kind is well known for the Indians. 

On the other hand, the standard designing principles should be considered so that it can have the best kind of packaging, and the mere proper color may not suffice.

The Supplier of the Kimia Date

Iran is the main supplier of the Kimia date.

Active countries in Iran can prepare this date for customers.

The suppliers can usually offer this date in large tonnages, and customers often order a container for the beginning. Their next orders come after they confirm the quality and are satisfied with the product.

In Emirates, as the capital of the world’s date, the Iranian Kimia date is abundantly transacted, and many merchants and the representatives of different countries travel to Dubai to buy this date.

Introducing a Company in the Field of the Kimia Date

With its years of practice in selling and exporting the Kimia date, the Kimia Gold Company can supply the best kind of this date for exportation.

One of the most crucial characteristics of a supplier company is its ability to provide dates in large tonnages for various targets.

Kimia Gold can render this date for exportation in all seasons of the year.

Likewise, the Kimia Company has the entire European standards and necessary licenses.

On the other hand, the packaging type completely fits the up-to-date and standard designing principles, as well.

Furthermore, you can use LC for your trades.

This company has branches in Iran, France, and Emirates, and you can carry out your date-purchasing negotiations in any of these countries you feel comfortable.

The main refrigerating room of the Kimia Gold is also located in Bam, and purchasers can visit this site before they embark on purchasing.  


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