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The Chairman of the Iran-Kuwait Chamber of Commerce Hani Faisal told that Iran’s total exports to Kuwait had dropped by 36-40 percent.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, the Iranian official said "In recent months, Kuwait has not allowed Iranian wooden boats to enter their waters and only food stuffs are exported with refrigerated containers."

"So these conditions have reduced Iran's exports to Kuwait by 36 to 40 percent in the last quarter."

He added that Iran’s total exports to Kuwait had stood at $186 million in the year ending March 2020, down from $400 million recorded in the previous Iranian calendar year.

The economic analyst stressed "It should be noted that Kuwait is influenced by policies of its big brother Saudi Arabia and there are elements in the Kuwaiti government that won’t allow our exchanges to be easily processed."

The head of the Iran-Kuwait Chamber of Commerce criticized Iran's weak economic diplomacy and confirmed that Kuwait is only second to Saudi Arabia in the region in terms of the volume of imports so this condition creates the potential for Iranian businesses and merchants to take over the country's market, but our weak diplomacy does not allow it.


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