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“We are looking to export electricity to all neighboring countries,” Iran's Deputy Energy Minister for Electricity Homayoun Haeri told ILNA.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, the Iranian official said that we are an energy hub in the region and we seek to have electricity exchange with all the neighboring countries.

"Our exports to Turkmenistan continue and we import small quantities to exchange electricity."

He pointed to the recent agreement between Iran and Iraq and added “Exports to Iraq also continue, and a two-year contract was signed during the minister's recent visit to Iraq.”

“During this trip, we received 50% of our debt from Iraq and we are trying to establish banking connections in order to receive the rest of the debts as well.”

Iran and Iraq have set up a new mechanism to settle debts owed by the Arab country over imports of electricity and natural gas from Iran. The chairman of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce Yahya Al- Es’haq told ILNA that the Iraqi government had agreed to pay for shipments of non-sanctioned goods ordered by Iran from other countries to clear its debt arrears to Tehran.

Iran's Deputy Energy Minister clarified about exports to Afghanistan and confirmed that we have been exporting electricity to parts of Afghanistan for years, ranging from 100 to 120 megawatts.

The official said that the country’s total electricity exports vary depending on the hot and cold seasons of the year, but electrical communication with neighboring countries continues.

According to reports, Iran's electricity exports in the current year (2020) have reached 436 million kWh, indicating a 19-percent increase compared to the previous year and showing that the positive trend of Iran's electricity exports continues.


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