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An Iranian Deputy Oil Minister told ILNA that the Iranian Oil Ministry’s department for international affairs is currently working on a contract for launching gas exports to Oman.

In an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency, Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Hossein Montazer Torbati on Saturday refers to “Iran's gas exports to Oman and then to India” and said “Currently, the supply of goods for the construction of this pipeline is underway, and its executive operations will begin soon.”

Hossein Montazer Torbati who heads the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) also spoke about Turkish delays in fixing damaged gas pipeline and confirmed that “This delay is unacceptable.”

He added that Turkey's Botas, the gas importing company, about its lack of cooperation regarding the resumption of natural gas import from Iran that was interrupted 60 days ago.

“Turkey’s inordinate delay and reluctance in repairing the ruptured gas pipeline (for import) is unacceptable legally and ethically and National Iranian Gas Company may take lawful action if necessary.”

The pipeline was blown up at the end of March, allegedly by Kurdish militants, and flows of natural gas were halted on March 31. Turkey is yet to provide an official explanation for the stoppage or details of when pumping would resume.

Answering to question about extension of the contract with Turkey, the NIGC chief added “Conditions governing long-term gas contracts would probably undergo essential changes after coronavirus but Iran would also start negotiating with Turkey about an extension to the current gas export deal beyond 2025.”

The NIGC chief also said that Kurdistan requested the purchase of Iranian gas in stages in order to meet its needs and that it has also asked to study the conditions for supplying gas to neighboring and border cities with Iran.

Hossein Montazer Torbati explained that the Iranian gas supply to Iraq is taking place through two border points " Naft Shahr " (West) and "Shalamjah" (southwest), adding "Of course, the news indicates that the United States is pressuring Iraq to replace Iranian gas but because of the gas contracts require high initial investments cannot easily be changed and any alternative requires a period of time and serious investments."


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