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Iran's ambassador to Georgia met with the country's Regional Director-General of Foreign Ministry and called on him to address the limitations created for importing the Iranian goods to Georgia.

Meeting with Kakha Sikharolidze on Friday, Seyyed Javad Qavam Shahidi pointed to the limitations on the export of the Iranian goods to Georgia and the concern of the Iranian businessmen over the issue and called for addressing the issue.

He noted that Iran and Georgia must pursue long-run interests, Qavam Shahidi said the limitations could leave negative impacts on the economic cooperation of the countries, thus lowering the volume of the trade exchanges.

Kakha Sikharolidze for his part stressed the expansion of ties between Iran and Georgia, noting that the import limitations on the Iranian goods merely are technical problems arising due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sikharolidze expressed hope that the problem is solved the economic agencies' efforts in developing new regulations.

The Iranian ambassador to Georgia recently announced Iran's readiness to implement health protocols at border crossings, calling for closer cooperation between the two countries' customs to find effective solutions to the obstacles created by the coronavirus outbreak.


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